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Do You Remember Turning 7?

UPDATE: This post was made as Shinn Shots Photography and does not represent the style or goals of Blue Space Photography.  Because I believe in knowing where you’ve come from, I’ve left this here as a reminder of the journey that led me to where I am today.  I now only shoot storytelling sessions, so be sure to check out my current work in more recent posts!   – Lauren


I’ve been so busy taking pictures lately that I haven’t had time to post them!

A couple weekends ago, I got to take pictures for Sloane’s seventh birthday party.  Everyone celebrated at Duncan Creek Park and had a blast!  I don’t know the last time you were at a seven-year-old’s birthday party, but they’re pretty fun.

For the first half of the party, the kids decided to make up a game…unwittingly starring me as the bad guy!  Sloane rallied her friends into avoiding the photographer.  It went something like this:

Kids: “Shh…Shh!  Do you see her anywhere?  Did we lose her?  I don’t see her.  Maybe….Agghhh!  There she is!  Run!  RUN!!!

Meanwhile, I felt like a nature photographer stalking my subject.  I was lurking behind playground equipment, darting across open spaces, and peaking around benches while trying to stay hidden.  I’m sure the rest of the parents at the park enjoyed my antics.  Actually, so did I!  I’ve always been fascinated by the games kids invent and it’s even better when I get to play!  Besides, having the birthday girl stop playing to stand still and smile at me is just too easy and way too boring.

Eventually Sloane got tired of dodging me and started to move slower…which is helpful when you’re a lot older than 7 like I am!  I did manage to get some great shots of her smiling.   Who cares if I had to lie down in the middle of an angled, spinning piece of playground equipment just to prove to her that I was cool enough to take her picture.  It worked.

Atlanta Area Photographers

By the end of the party, some of the kids (who obviously missed the memo about the first game) were actually trying to always be in front of my camera.  The best part?  They were boys. How many boys do you know that actually want to be in a picture?  My bet is that they didn’t actually want to have pictures taken of them…they just liked the challenge of ruining my shot.  I always love a good challenge 🙂

It’s my fault that it started anyway.  I told this young man that I remembered him from the last birthday party I shot for the family.  This kid is a character and the picture below completely captures him.  The image has been stuck in my head ever since I took it.  I guess he took my compliment as a challenge.

Duluth Area Photographers

Despite all the games, (and the noon-day sun) I got some great shots at the party.  I did get the requisite cake and presents pictures, but those aren’t the ones I’m posting.  Typically at a birthday party I love taking color pictures.  There’s so many colors bursting out from balloons, decorations, presents, and favors.  But for some reason, most of my favorite shots from this birthday look gorgeous in black and white.  That’s one of the wonderful things about photography – you can plot and plan your shot, but sometimes the images still surprise you.

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