Previous Photographic Work

I just couldn’t resist…

UPDATE: This post was made as Shinn Shots Photography and does not represent the style or goals of Blue Space Photography.  Because I believe in knowing where you’ve come from, I’ve left this here as a reminder of the journey that led me to where I am today.  I now only shoot storytelling sessions, so be sure to check out my current work in more recent posts!   – Lauren


So after a photo session, I’m faced with the almost impossible task of narrowing down all the images to the best 30…ish.  I usually go over.  Kids are notorious for producing all kinds of different facial expressions, which makes the job even harder.  And I am notorious for being indecisive, which doesn’t help anything.

But every now and again, those expressions make the job totally worth it.  As I move quickly through the images trying to get a gut reaction on which are the best, I sometimes stumble across a subtle change in expression that happens over a few frames.   It’s always fun to move through quickly, and then back again…and then forward and back a few more times to watch the frame by frame action.

Well, apparently Baby Sam really hates it when his brothers all yell something like “We love you Dad!” at the same time.  Oh, that poor pitiful pout right before he starts to cry!

Sorry Sarah, I just couldn’t resist putting this GIF together…

I’m sure some (such as Sam’s mom and dad) can hear the accompanying sound in their heads too.

You can read more about Baby Sam and his family at

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