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Introducing The Big White Box

UPDATE: This post was made as Shinn Shots Photography and does not represent the style or goals of Blue Space Photography.  Because I believe in knowing where you’ve come from, I’ve left this here as a reminder of the journey that led me to where I am today.  I now only shoot storytelling sessions, so be sure to check out my current work in more recent posts!   – Lauren


It was about 5 years ago when I was reading through my Professional Photographers of America magazine that I stumbled upon an article about a photographer who’s husband had built her a big cube as a photo prop.

I loved the idea.

It’s unique.  It’s versatile.  It’s simple.

Well, it turned out that getting it made wasn’t that simple. About 2 years ago I started asking around since my husband is more proficient with technical craftsmanship than wood working.  Although I could find some handy people, most of them were too busy to help.  And professional’s didn’t want to waste their time on such a small-time job.  Finally, after seeing my neighbor working on building a desk in his driveway for weeks, it finally occurred to me that he was the man for the job!

After explaining the concept to Richard, he ran with it.  He drew up some great plans and took care of all the little details I never would have thought of.  (Teeny tiny things, like if I want to be able to put it in my car, it needs to be a 4×4′ cube instead of 5×5′!  Visualization and measuring twice/cutting once were never my strong suits.) I was so grateful for his experienced perspective that meant he could create just the right box…one that can be broken down and set back up somewhere else.    He did an amazing job from beginning to end!

And now, after 5 years of longing for the Big White Box, it’s here!  And I love it.

(That’s my girl! I wasn’t planning on getting any pictures of her…hence the t-shirt…but I love that smile!)

While I was painting the panels, my daughter asked me, “Why do you need a big box to take pictures?”

Why indeed. I have a white studio backdrop.

Oddly enough, as much as I had thought how much I wanted the Big White Box and all the cool ways clients could play in it, I had never fully explored what drew me to the concept.  After thinking for a minute, I came up with my answer.  The box just lends itself to being silly…being real. Being in a box is different than being in front of a big white sheet of paper. It’s just more fun! It echos.  You can’t stand up in it if you’re a grown up.  You can cram families inside it like it’s a telephone booth.  You can lean, jump, and just explore.  Not to mention the bouncy balls I want to test out in there!  But the best part, I think, is how you can watch the passage of time in the box.  Right now, my two-year-old can easily stand in the box without even being able to touch the top.  Over the years, I’ll get to watch him grow to fill up that box.

I chose my tagline, “Simply Authentic” because that’s what my photography is.  And that’s what this box is.

The other reason I love the Big White Box is for all the fun products you can create from the pictures!  It’s perfect for collages.  I’m already working on creating wooden cube ornaments with an image on every side.  Our family Christmas cards will be a 5×5 card with a picture of us all in the box.  And, of course, it also makes for a fantastic Facebook profile picture!

I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be putting the Big White Box to use for the first time on September 6 for a round of mini-sessions.  Each session will be $125 and includes a 20 minutes session and 5 downloadable images.  I plan on having a lot of fun and would love for you to join me!  Drop me a line from the contact link above or like me on facebook and message me for details if you’re interested in a Big White Box mini-session.

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