About Blue Space Photography

Why Blue Space

I was Shinn Shots Photography for a long time.

Other people loved my business name, but it just never felt right to me.  It sounds weird…but it always made me think of taking a hit to the leg, ya know?

I spent years trying to come up with a new name…ask my husband.  I drove him crazy spending days at a time brainstorming and filling up notebook pages with ideas.  There are a bunch of photographers out there which means that a lot of names are already taken (unless it’s your own personal name, of course).

And then, like most good things in life, it came to me when I wasn’t thinking about it at all.  I pulled into the grocery store parking lot and it dropped down from the sky and into my head:

Blue Space Photography.

(^ that would be the angels singing.  not someone screaming.  never mind.)

I guess it didn’t really come out of no where.  A few months prior I had read an article that talked about “blue space.” Basically, researchers have found that looking at blue space…typically a body of water…lowers mental stress.  Spending time near a body of water gives your brain room to breathe and helps you relax.  We become mindful of ourselves and our surroundings.

And becoming mindful is what I’m all about.

I’m not your typical family photographer.

I’m leaving traditional portraiture and pursuing family documentary photography.  I’ve spent 10 years taking pictures and have loved it…but I couldn’t sell it.  I couldn’t sell it because I didn’t believe in it.

I believe in this.

I believe it is life changing to be mindful of the beauty in your life.  I believe it is validating to finally be in the picture and to see all your hard work from the outside in.  And I believe that every day is a little bit better when you can see the big picture in the little things.

The big picture is in the little things

Traditional portraits capture moments…perfectly coordinated, smiling moments.  But I believe that you’re going to want to remember your life not just those perfect moment.  There’s no need to dress it up with monogrammed outfits or put it in front of an autumn forest.  Real life has far too much beauty and emotion to be forced into our idea of perfect.  In the end, you’re going to cherish the real moments…the living moments.

Parenthood is one of the hardest jobs out there and all too often the beauty gets lost in the chaos and routine. My passion is to show you what you’ve known all along but struggle to see…

your life is beautiful.

I want my photographs to be a sort of personal blue space.  Something you can pick up and look at, breathe it in, and see the world around you with your heart instead of your eyes.

I’ll admit to being a bit nervous about starting down this road…but every time I think about quitting, something keeps pushing me forward.  It’s like I can’t not do it.  So here I go, jumpin’ in cannonball style and bringin’ this thing to life.  It’s been growing in my heart for 4 years and it’s time.

If you want to watch as things unfold, you can friend me on Facebook, like the BSP Facebook page, and follow me on Instagram.

I hope you’ll come along on this adventure with me and let me share in yours,


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