Family Documentary Photography

Tell Your Story: Grandparents



I am so excited to be offering grandparent sessions!

You’ll notice as you look around my website that I have a heart for encouraging moms… but my photography sessions can do so much more than that.

The relationship between grandparents and grandkids is unique and precious. I’ve watched my own kids bond with their grandparents over model trains, decorating cookies, and hikes through the woods.  These amazing relationships are built by spending time together.

Big Canoe Photographer

Alpharetta Photographer

While it’s wonderful to have pictures with smiling faces posed and looking at the camera, think about what your grandkids will want to remember… what you will want to remember.  It’s the time spent together.  I believe deep in my soul that having pictures of the activities you do together, the things you bond over, will become some of the most treasured keepsakes for your kids and grandkids.

Take a look around at my work and see what you think of my style.  As a certified professional photographer with 10 years of experience, I can be trusted to skillfully capture your memories.  Contact me if I can help you tell your story.

Child fishing

North Georgia photographer

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