Family Documentary Photography

Photo Session at Target

Ah, Target.

We moms love Target.  The coffee, the calmness, the shopping.

But, if we bring our kids with us to Target, well that’s a different experience all together, amiright?

The stress, the whining, the tears (theirs and ours).

I’ve been there Mama.

But here’s the thing… there’s still beauty in those routine, stressful shopping trips.

My friend and I were talking and as I was explaining the nature of my sessions, she jokingly suggested that I could photograph her while she shopped.

“I mean, it’ll be a hot mess, but it’s real!”

“You’re on,” I said.

I am here to tell you that I am on a mission.  Moms don’t believe me when I tell them that these routines hold beauty, not just to be seen in pictures, but to be felt in the heart.  They think there’s some scenario in which the beauty doesn’t exist, but it simply isn’t true.

Let me show you what a shopping trip to Target with your kids looks like to me:

Girl at TargetTarget Cumming GATarget photo sessionmother daughter shopping at targetGirl shopping at targetGirl with hat at Targetshopping at Target

Fun at Target

But, my sessions aren’t just about the pictures… they’re about the words.  Because moms need to hear the words.

We feel like failures.  We feel the weight of our responsibility.  We feel the stress of the daily tasks.

And we forget.

We forget the importance of our job.  We forget the beauty of our work.  We forget what really matters.

Part of my job… part of my mission… is to remind you.  Because I see it.  In every session, I notice the victories, the joys, the uniqueness of each mom.

So, as part of every session, I make it a priority to share what I see.

You know what I see when I look at this image?

Laughing at Target

I don’t just see a mom and daughter shopping.  I see love… friendship… adoration.  I see Landry, who  is a wonderfully free spirit and I watch Shelley walk the delicate line as her mom… giving her room to roam the aisles, but also teaching respect and obedience.  Shelley’s  love of Landry is so apparent, even as she sighs and rolls her eyes at her :).  And it goes both ways…. Landry’s desire to share toys and ideas with Shelley… how she jokes around with her… how comfortable she is with her.  Landry knows she’s free to be herself with her mom… that she loves her just as she is (weirdness and all).  There is such a sweetness in their relationship … humor blended seamlessly with affection. It was truly an honor to walk with them through the aisles and get a glimpse of their beautiful relationship.

Never forget mama, the beauty of your work, even in a simple shopping trip to Target.

Girl face

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