About Lauren


I could give you a laundry list of my interests and hobbies (but why waste your time when you can find those on Facebook or Instagram?)

I’m not a hobbiest photographer that does this occasionally on the side… I am the real deal, and what you really need to know about me is my why…


Because of YOU.

Mothering young children was incredibly challenging for me and I wanted a way to bring out the beauty in the chaos for other moms.

As moms, we put pressure on ourselves to appreciate every  moment… but how can we possible do that when most of the time we’re just trying to keep the wheels from coming off the wagon!

These sessions slow time down so a mom can see the beauty in her day to day.

It is my heart and my passion to use photography to encourage moms.  My mission is to be in the trenches with you, listening, responding, & encouraging

My favorite place to connect is in my Facebook group: Blue Space Moms.  I’d love it if you’d come and join us!