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Self-Compassion and Social Media

You guys, I'm so excited about this one. My sociology/psychology brain has loved researching ALL THE THINGS for this. Let's talk about the relationship between social media and self-compassion. **BE SURE TO JOIN MY FACEBOOK GROUP Blue Space Moms AND INVITE YOUR FRIENDS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD. I'LL BE PICKING A… Continue reading Self-Compassion and Social Media

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Compassion for Others

Today on Tuesday@10 (or Saturday at 12:40, when I recorded this), we define compassion and talk about having compassion for others, especially our kids. Sympathy: Feeling sorry for another's hurt Empathy: Walking in another's shoes Compassion: Love in action As parents, we have the huge responsibility of impacting our child's inner voice/inner critic. Responding to… Continue reading Compassion for Others

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What is Self-Compassion?

This week starts our series on self-compassion... so what is it? It's not self-pity, self-indulgence, self-improvement, or self-esteem. It is, quite simply, relating kindly to yourself. Kirstin Neff (leading expert on the subject) says it has three parts (and I related them to the what, why, and how of self-compassion) 1) Self-Kindness (what) 2) Common… Continue reading What is Self-Compassion?