What better way to understand the power of a Blue Space session than through the words of people who have experienced it.

These words are why I do what I do… 

family on couch

There are really not enough words to describe our experience with Lauren during our family ‘unstaged’ photo shoot. From the newborn to the almost 18 year old, all 5 of my kids were caught in their day to day moments on film. I will cherish these forever. Especially catching my husband gazing into our babies eyes and our candid conversations on the sofa, while I was yawning from those ‘up all night’ newborn days. Thank you so much for what you have given my family. These will be treasured for a lifetime.     – Brandis and Drew

mother and son

Oh my goodness, Lauren.  These are just precious.  If I was skeptical before, I’m a believer now.  Not at all of your talent or ability, of course, but just that my day to day routines could be this…beautiful.  I cherish them now so I can only imagine how much more precious they will become 5, 15, and 25 years down the road.

Oh, and I had to share something else:  I just went through them all again with my husband.  He said “This is a really good idea, actually”  and then “I’ve always been a fan of candid photos” and a few “that one is cool”

I know it seems small, but that equates to HUGE HUGE HUGE props.  Big time compliments.  🙂     –Heather